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Your Web Department saves clients from bad developers.

Every month clients come to us to help save them from bad situations regarding their website. Either a developer is keeping their website hostage where only they can update it. Or, as in this example, a business woman paid money to have a website built only to have the developers leave her high and dry.


“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You YWD guys are amazing! You can quote me on that. ”



Paul Heron



Website redesign: Dr. Kirsten Smith, ND

When the time came to redesign her website Dr. Smith chose Your Web Department. In a matter of days we completely revamped her website with a completely new look and feel.

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Some companies just don't get it

Recently, Apple came out with Apple Pay for their iPhone 6 series. We don't have it in Canada yet, but it looks pretty cool. Make your purchase, pull out...

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New website built by Your Web Department: International Lawyers Group

Your Web Department built a new website that remained faithful to ILG’s previous web presence. We also implemented a third-party solution that allows the client to easily manage all the aspects of their membership system on their own.

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