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Easily update your website whenever you want

Nothing to install or learn

Our integrated CMS (Content Management System) is extremely powerful but very easy to use. Update your content at any time, straight from your browser and without any programming. Nothing to learn, nothing to install.

Word Processor
The integrated Word Processor

Easy to manage & update

YWD websites don’t require any programming or specific training and can be updated directly by the clients, who have the ability to manage groups of users with different access privileges. Our tools are extremely flexible and have been designed from the start to fulfill a wide array of business needs.

Stable and responsive

Several of our clients receive tens of thousands of visitors every month. YWD operates on a load-balanced, multi-server environment that provides excellent performance, security and stability. No investment in software, hardware or training is required.


All our websites use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) so the integrity and confidentiality of the data is maintained. All visitors to our clients’ websites enjoy a secure and private online experience at no additional cost.

Constantly evolving

The platform receives continuous incremental updates, with new features and tools being incorporated regularly to the system at no cost to clients. YWD is based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and operates entirely on the cloud. There is nothing to install and free support is included.


Our system adheres to usability standards and we have thoroughly implemented accessibility guidelines in accordance to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WCAG 2.0 AA) of the Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C). All content is fully searchable and SEO-friendly and Meta tags, 301 Redirects, XML Sitemaps, Title attributes for links and many other search engine optimization features are available.


YWD websites have built-in mobile capabilities, with complete control over all the design aspects as well as the content. Our tools incorporate adaptive design techniques that allow designers and content creators to target computers, tablets and mobile phones differently at both page and content block levels if they want.

Multi-language support

YWD websites can be created for any language. In addition, a YWD wesbite can be fully bilingual, with content maintained simultaneously on both languages so visitors can switch effortlessly between them at any point.


“They have been very responsive when we have questions. We are very pleased to call Your Web Department our web department.”


Carolyn Reid

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