Atec Signs

Atec Signs Atec Signs is a full service manufacturer of outdoor and indoor signage specializing in providing the highest quality products to the retail, commercial, entertainment and industrial sectors throughout Canada and the US.
Camelina Omega Equine

Camelina Omega Equine Camelina Omega Equine is dedicated to growing and processing mega-nutritious camelina seed (Camelina Stavia) into oil in their CGMP food certified facility, Eastern Washington State, USA, for Equine Nutrition.
Carvalho Coffee

Carvalho Coffee Carvalho Coffee roasterie and store in Oakville, Ontario imports the best specialty coffee directly from Brazil.
Cesam Engineering

Cesam Engineering Founded in 1979, it features a team of engineers, technicians and marketing people specialized in the creation, implementation and launching of projects in the fields of pharmaceuticals, personal products, household products and food. Cesam is based...
Cesam Foods

Cesam Foods Cesam Foods is part of Cesam Group, incorporated in 2008 under GAFI Investment Law 8. Cesam’s main objective is producing high quality food products from locally available fresh fruits and vegetables under the Swiss brand Timmy®️. Their products...

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