ARZA Canada

ARZA Canada ARZA Canada reaches out to all Reform Jews in Canada to help foster a better understanding of Israel and to support the Reform Movement in Israel.
Bella Jozef

Bella Jozef

www. (in Portuguese) Bella Karacuchansky Jozef foi Professora Emeritus de Literatura Hispano-Americana da UFRJ, Vice-Presidente do Pen Club do Brasil e condecorada com vários prêmios internacionais, entre os quais as Palmas Acadêmicas (França), Ordem do...
Bisi Alimi Foundation

Bisi Alimi Foundation Based in London (UK), the Bisi Alimi Foundation advocates for the rights and dignity of LGBT people in Nigeria, taking people from invisibility to visibility. They research the perception Nigerians have about LGBT and the impact these...
Challenge Factory

Challenge Factory Challenge Factory believes everyone should meet the changing world of work head on and take control of their future. Their systems-focused consulting, research, and learning services provide creative yet practical solutions to today’s most...

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