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Who said real estate websites had to look boring?

YWD's Real Estate tool is unique: unlike other real estate "solutions" out there, it integrates seamlessly with the rest of your website. This way you can include lots of information about yourself, the community, news, a blog and much more – all using YWD's incredibly easy to use tools. It can be designed to match your own personal brand, enabling you to stand out from the crowd. It's perfect for real estate agents targeting an upscale clientele.

Outstanding interactive features

Mortgage calculatorProperties can be organized into categories for quick access. They can contain sexy Lightbox-based image galleries that let prospective buyers browse through photos and even 'Like' or tweet about them.

They can also embed or link to Google Maps and YouTube videos, and you can generate a QR (Quick Response) code image on the fly and insert it into your flyers or signs, allowing people to scan with their mobile phone and be taken directly to the specific property page.

A handy mortgage calculator is also included.

Developed for real estate professionals

The tool was designed with real estate professionals in mind – not programmers. It makes it very easy to manage properties; adding, editing, activating/de-activating them is a breeze. You can also create lists of related properties, and interested people can submit a "Request for information" form that gets immediately emailed to you and is also stored in the YWD back-end.

Your website and the Real Estate tool can be fully bilingual.

Totally mobile-friendly

Chances are, a good portion of your audience will be accessing your website using a phone. The Real Estate tool can take advantage of the extensive support provided by YWD to mobile devices. If you have implemented a mobile-optimized version of your YWD website, it will automatically adjust the display to take into consideration the mobile device's small viewport.

Here are a few of the features of the Real Estate estate tool when viewed on a mobile:

  • Layout: Because the mobile screen is so narrow, the list view will always "stack" the properties i.e. each one will be displayed on its own row, thus optimizing the display.
  • Images: Auto-resize on the fly to fit within the device's viewport.
  • Image galleries: If you have assigned an image gallery to a property, YWD will switch to a gesture-based style of gallery designed specifically for mobile. It allows people to use a swipe gesture to easily browse through the pictures in the gallery.


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