Paul Heron

Strategist and Communicator

If ever there was a product worthy of profanity (in a good way) it is the YWD platform. As you know, I've used it to build more than a dozen client sites, as well as our own, and it never fails to impress.

Working with our largest client, I and our staff regularly experience the package of pain, price and spotty service offered by a leading provider of custom websites.

Monthly invoices In the $1,000-3,000 range are not uncommon for "fixes" that come already "fixed" on your platform.

By comparison your customer service and proactive approach to communications are exemplary. Not to mention the price. One cannot beat your price.

Congrats to you, Flavlo, Sam and the rest of the team at Your Web Department.

Very best,

Paul Heron
Complex to Clear

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