Michael Marmur

President, Pinpoint National Photography

As a business owner who has lived on the internet for over seven years, I believe I am in a very strong position to provide a commentary on the ease of use of the Your Web Department (YWD) user interface.

I had used the YWD interface a few years ago when I needed to update content on our BNI chapter website. It was fairly easy to use but may have been a bit more of a challenge for a novice user.

Recently my cycling club, D’Ornellas Cycling Club, hired YWD to redesign and host the club’s website. I volunteered to manage the project and to populate the site with data and make page additions.

I can honestly say that the YWD back end user interface is wonderful, truly easy to use; even for the most novice of users.

Fear not, even You can do it and you won’t have a lot of grief. You really can update the content on your website on your own.

Every week, I hear Paul Chato go on about how his company makes Happy Websites, actually I think this is incorrect, I think Your Web Department makes Happy Website Owners!

Michael Marmur
Pinpoint National Photography

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