Laurelea Conrad

Conrad Ferguson & Associates

I have designed 10 websites on the Your Web Department platform and am writing to say how much I appreciate the service of your team. Sam Heron especially must be commended as he has been such an incredible help to me. 

The YWD system is amazingly friendly to designers – yes, it saves me the excruciating headache of working with coders who don’t know design from a hole in their head – but it is not without its challenges. There are constant updates to bring the best tools into the hands of designers. Stuff gets rearranged and is therefore not in its familiar place. This is great, but if you are not spending every day all day designing websites, it can be hard to get up to date with the ”latest” and feel in command.

This is where support services is so critical. Sam is amazingly responsive, delightful to work with, patient beyond all get out and always shows he is interested and committed to solving whatever technical problems I am having at the time.

This is why I am confident recommending YWD to my clients: the system is rich in what it offers, it keeps current with web trends and advances, and above all else, if you run into difficulty, the YWD support team is there for you.

You make happy designers!

Many thanks,

Laurelea Conrad
PresidentConrad Ferguson & Associates Inc.

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