Kate Erickson

Organizational Design Consultant

“A lack of seriousness
Has led to all kinds of wonderful insights”

Kurt Vonnegut said that, and anyone who's worked with Paul Chato knows it to be true.

Paul is a stand-up comedian, a member of the Frantics and the famous Mr. Canoehead. He is also a brilliant business guy. Paul runs Your Web Department, where he has created the only system in the world that allows people to control our own websites.

Before I met Paul I interviewed a number of web designers. They all shared the same characteristics. They all used mind numbing technical jargon that I had no interest in trying to understand. They were reluctant to collaborate with me - on my own website! - they said ìWe will do this for you and you will like it!ì And they wanted to own the site so l would have had to pay hundreds of dollars and wait for results any time l wanted to add new words and features.

Then I found YWD and they offered me something completely different. Paul sat with me and discussed my strategy for the site. He was curious, funny and warm so for the first time I felt welcomed into the world of technology. He created a bold design.

And in ten minutes he taught me to use the simple tools that allow me to change my site as much and as often as I need to in order to keep my communication fresh and relevant.

I recommend YWD to anyone who wants a powerful and compelling website backed by a team of creative businesspeople with an unwavering focus on their client's needs.

Paul: there's only one more thing I want to say to you, and that is... Control Yourself.

Kate Erickson

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