John Bascom

J.P. Bascom Insurance

Thank you for all your help in setting up my website. I had been considering a web site for some time but quite frankly was uncertain where to begin. All I ever needed was you and your very capable team at Your Web Department.

My knowledge of computer lingo and web pages was and still is very limited. You were able to guide me through the initial stages and voila, I had a web page. It looked exceptional.

When you were not available all I had to do was go on to your web site to the ìDo it yourself centre". There you were like magic to explain in detail over the internet common questions that someone might have.

The true test for me happened when I could not find out how to do a procedure. I went to contact support and submitted my problem. I was informed that my concern would be answered within two business days. Not even 24 hours had passed and I received an email back indicating that my problem had been resolved. I logged into my website and indeed it been corrected.

I received an email from a client a short time after I launched my website. Here is what the client had to say: "Very professional looking, I think it will position your services very nicely".

You cannot imagine how good that makes me feel.

Thanks again, you know I will be back again for more help as my website evolves.

Warm regards,

John Bascom
J.P. Bascom Insurance

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