Going Live

During the period we are working on your new website, it will have a temporary domain e.g. When you’re ready to go live, your actual domain name will be used.

If you don’t have a domain name for your web site yet, we will provide one for you and make all the necessary changes.

If you already have a domain name, we can make the changes for you. We’ll just need you to provide us access to your domain registrar’s account e.g. GoDaddy, NetFirms, etc. After we’re done, you can change your login info, of course.

You can also make the changes yourself, or (better yet) get your domain registrar to make them for you.

How to Set Up the DNS

  • Remove any existing A Records from the DNS. Do not remove any MX Records.
  • Add an A Record for the domain name, and point it to
  • Add a CNAME for the www, and point it to the domain name.
  • Change your name servers to use these 2 name servers only:

Once those changes have been made, please let us know so we can set things up on our end.

In any case, it may take a few hours until the new web site goes live, as domain changes take a while to propagate.

Email Accounts

All you need to know is explained on this page.