New client: Wrenn Consulting

New client: Wrenn Consulting Wrenn Consulting features automotive training software that is simple, easy to use, and written so both the beginner student or the advanced technician will gain knowledge and appreciate using them.
New client, new website: ManagingMe

New client, new website: ManagingMe Doug Heidebrecht has facilitated workshops across Canada (and in the US, Italy and Romania) for thousands of people in hundreds of organizations. He’s also appeared on BNN, and have been featured in the Globe, the Star, Your Workplace, On Board (the...
New client: Metta Group

New client: Metta Group Stress is often high and organizational demands are challenging. In fact, in Canada alone, stress costs industry over $16 billion annually. Complex environments can cause people to lose focus on the big picture. Metta professionals help you to look...
New client: Ancient Egypt Alive

New client: Ancient Egypt Alive Through inspiring lectures, engaging courses, travel, learning opportunities, discovery news – and enthralling online content, their experts bring the endless wonder of Ancient Egypt alive for history buffs and the general...
New client: CallTel

New client: CallTel Calltel delivers cloud-based telephony solutions for businesses of all sizes within two hours of Toronto. Their Hosted VoIP platform is cost-efficient, reliable and can be customized to meet all business communications needs.