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How to play a YouTube video in a lightbox window

 January 22, 2014
by Flavio Mester

There are multiple ways to play YouTube videos from your website, from simply linking to the video on YouTube and opening it on a separate tab to embedding it. But sometimes you may want to play the video in full screen, while at the same time remaining on your website.

A lightbox can come in handy. Take the example of this Your Web Department client – Matthew Coley, an accomplished musician. On the Home page of his website  click on the screenshots under Video & Audio in the right column:

Matthew Coley's Home page

The corresponding video will then popup in a layer and start playing right away. The website itself will remain underneath, covered by a semi-transparent dark layer. You can close the lightbox at any time by either clicking the ‘X’ button or outside the box:

Matthew Coley - lightbox video


So how is that done in the Your Web Department platform?

Well, it’s really easy. In Matthew’s case, the still frame is simply an image with a link. The ‘Share’ link for the video was copied from YouTube and pasted into the Link Properties. Then in the Target tab, the option was selected. That’s it!

Link Properties

Another example

Currently our own Home page includes a nice little video describing what Your Web Department is all about. The computer monitor image is linked to the video and also set to play it in a lightbox window. And you can launch your video from a text link as well, of course. Click on this link and you'll see.


Flavio Mester

Flavio Mester is a graphic designer as well as a systems analyst (in a distant life he was an architect). A founding partner of Your Web Department, he's responsible for the design and development of all the YWD website management platform interfaces.
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