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MAP Auto Parts goes live with website by Your Web Department

 March 23, 2015
by Flavio Mester

MAP Auto Parts home page

MAP Auto Parts wants to help you keep the car you love on the road longer. With two locations in Ontario, they are professional dismantlers, and sell only high quality refurbished Mercedes and BMW parts. They purchase salvaged vehicles from insurance  companies and dismantle them down to the frame. Many of these vehicles have  been written off for minor crashes or air bag deployments and have tons of  great “Quality Used” parts. They are an eco-friendly choice, and the savings in energy, materials and pollution they can accomplish is astronomical.

We did a complete rebranding for them that included a new logo, and designed & built their website – which is also mobile-optimized – from scratch, in a matter of just a few days.

Flavio Mester

Flavio Mester is a graphic designer as well as a systems analyst (in a distant life he was an architect). A founding partner of Your Web Department, he's responsible for the design and development of all the YWD website management platform interfaces.
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Google wants you to have a mobile friendly site by April 21, 2015 or it will punish you

 March 17, 2015
by Paul Chato

No one said it was fair, but Google will now punish your site rankings if you do not have a mobile website enabled starting April 21. That sounds a bit heavy handed but we've been encouraging our customers to have a mobile friendly site for years. Many sites get up to 60% of their traffic from mobile users.

Now, Google is laying down the law. If Google search results (Search Engine Optimization) is important to you then I don't think  you have a choice. Luckily, mobile friendly services are built into Your Web Department websites. But there is another piece to the mobile puzzle that Google does not help with. Should the mobile version of your website have a different focus from your main site? 

Some people want their entire website available on the phone, but is that right for you? If you're a restaurant then probably the most important mobile tools would be address, map and a phone number link. Maybe the specials for the day, but your story and your complete menu is probably not required for mobile.

If you're a consultant who works from home then you probably don't need a map to your house. An email link, mobile phone link sounds good. Maybe even your LinkedIn link would make sense. A good headshot and content that confirms your expertise and credentials make as much sense on mobile as it does for your main site but maybe it needs to be formatted differently. 

As you can surmise, mobile is not just your main site squished down, it requires its own strategy based on what a mobile user needs from your website. 

If you haven't gone mobile yet, you have an April 21 deadline. If you don't want to do it yourself, we do have our cost effective (cheap) mobile package. Contact us if you want more information.

UPDATE: 2015-03-18

One of our clients just got an email from Google Webmaster Tools telling them that their site is not mobile friendly and that Google goons (Goonles?) will come by and break her legs if she doesn't convert. Okay, it was nothing like that but it was a bit of a shock when she forwarded me the email, which I'm including here. If you have a Google Webmaster account, Google is checking on your website to see if it is mobile friendly in advance of it's April 21 deadline. 

Paul Chato

Paul Chato has been many things: a graphic designer, programmer, comedian, head of network TV comedy, game producer, 3D animator, playwright, event host, director and anything else that matches his fancy. Most of the time he pulls the levers at




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