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Get paid for referrals

If you bring other clients on board, we’ll pay you for that. How does that sound?

Number of websites you bring in

Referal Bonus

5 sites year 1


10 sites year 2


15 sites year 3


How it works:

  1. In perpetuity as long as the client remains with YWD and you update your change of address if applicable
    (we're not running after you)
  2. You must have a YWD account
    (if you have access to YWD administration, you have an account)
    You don't have an account with us? Click here to set one up by requesting a free sandbox/trial.
  3. You must have a website that is paying a monthly fee, either your own or any clients'
  4. Monthly referral applies to all websites including discounted ones
    (the same percentage discount will apply)
  5. This is a website you bring in and not one that is provided to you by us
  6. You will receive your payments every 3 months, either by cheque or PayPal


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