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James R. Elliot: passionate about empowering people to get to their goals in life

James provides 1 on 1 coaching, group workshops board-designated training and certification, as well as public speaking for corporate or private events.

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The latest website we designed and built: Nature’s Coffee Kettle

Nature’s Coffee Kettle is gourmet coffee that Brews-in-the-Bag... anywhere! Their pourable, resealable spout makes it easy to enjoy 4 cups of truly premium coffee... anytime.

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PlumCom: leaders in exposition and event management

PlumCom is an exposition and event organizer based in Toronto. With more than 30 years of experience, they have produced some of the largest face-to-face events in Canada. We have just redesigned and rewritten their website with them.

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Latest website redesign: TGS Asset Management

TGS was created to be a specialized commercial real estate company that would be able to a design a unique and individual asset dictated management style differentiated by project and investor.

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iGuard Security: putting technology to work for you

iGuard Security was established to match the use of technology with traditional security services to permit innovative, cost effective security solutions customized to the needs of each iGuard client.

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Cindy Wahler: serving Fortune 100 businesses with executive and organizational development

A Psychologist and expert in human behaviour, Dr. Cindy Wahler has extensive and broad based experience in positioning organizations for success, within both the private and public sectors.

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Consumers Council of Canada: redesigned website, packed with new features

The Consumers Council of Canada is working towards an improved marketplace for consumers in Canada. It seeks an efficient, equitable, effective and safe marketplace in which consumers are able to exercise their rights and responsibilities.

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Marvin Dolgay: musician, composer, musical director, producer

Along with both Genie, Gemini and various festival nominations and awards for his work in the TV and film industry, Marvin has also received numerous honours for his work in the advertising field.

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Traditional Toronto real estate firm Bosley Realty gets a website designed and built by YWD

Michael Bosley and Jane M. Bosley live in Toronto’s vibrant centre core and have been Listing & Selling the GTA’s finest Homes and Condominiums for nearly four decades!.

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Application development for the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)

A process that used to be slow and cumbersome is now very easy and agile, implemented at a fraction of the time and cost that a custom plugin would have typically required.

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Optimizer720 gets a website by Your Web Department

Optimizer720 enables owners and managers to quickly measure and map the alignment of stakeholders on key business drivers.

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CFO Source: managing your business better

CFO Source brings the financial clarity that helps you make the right strategic decisions to succeed in your next stage of growth.

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Virtual Surgery Simulation: giving surgeons real operating experience

Virtual surgery is a realistic training environment that builds muscle  memory for far less than using  cadavers.

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Centre for Career Innovation: design & and integration of website, Shopify store and Litmos LMS

Your Web Department builds and custommizes an online store in Shopify and integrates it with a Litmos LMS and public website for Challenge Factory’s new coaching and training hub.

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Clavir Strategic Intelligence

Anne Clavir is a seasoned Market Research Strategist who has been Vice President at Canadian and global market research organizations.


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