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What is Your Web Department, actually?

We don’t know of another company that’s like Your Web Department. Over the years we’ve learned that we’re quite unique in several ways. We’ve built Your Web Department to be the obvious choice for a wide range of website needs. We think we are the “Momma Bear” of web shops; not too small and not too large. We’re just right.

We're bigger than the one person web programmer who who can get quickly overwhelmed with work.

We're there when many other one-person-shops fold, disappear or move on to other things.

We are completely dedicated to the building and launching of websites. We are not a design shop that does print and a bit of web because one person knows how to program a bit, or worse, a shop with no programmers subbing out to programmers who they have no idea what they are really doing. This is not to disparage designers. Most have no idea who to hook up with for websites. (May we suggest ourselves?)

We are developers with a design aesthetic. And we are also designers who can code.

We are developers who have decided on limits as to what we are willing to do. Many programmers will say yes to every request. We say no when it does not fit our business model. We know our limits. Offering great surface at a great price fits many business requirements.

About Your Web Department

  • Launched in 2006 in Toronto, Canada
  • Your Web Department is a division of YWD Inc., a leading innovator in Internet design and content management.

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