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WedLuxe is a Canadian website and magazine with everything you need to know about weddings.

Keeping the content fresh

Over the years since they moved to Your Web Department they’ve been able to build a large and loyal audience, and they want to keep them engaged. The key to that is to update the content frequently, and the best to achieve that in their case was to use a blog. So they brought their blog to their Home page, and the results have been amazing.

They have stunning photography and new entries are added almost daily to the blog. And their website design is elegant, delicate and non-intrusive, adequate to the subject. They’ve been able to customize the website look by themselves using the many options available in YWD Designer including typography, colours and more. Not only that, they have been able to fine-tune the blog itself to match the tone, and also accommodate paid advertisements.

Engaging the audience

Central to their approach is the seamless integration with social media that YWD offers. People can bookmark any post to the network of their choice (the designer opted to offer buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as well as a myriad of others using the AddThis “Share” widget). They can also add their own comments directly into the posts using Facebook. That’s a powerful driving factor to a blog and people do take advantage of that.

Blog integration with the rest of the website

WedLuxe’s blog is an integral part of their website, which has literally hundreds of other pages. The website was created and is maintained directly by the WedLuxe business owners an their staff without having to deal with any programmers. It has tons of information ranging from wedding shows, real wedding videos, directories for all sorts of professionals involved in beauty, cakes, catering, locations, transportation and much more

The Blog is a native tool in the YWD platform and as such can be simply inserted into any page of the website – just like a form, a content slider, and image gallery and many other types of tools available to YWD clients. This makes it very easy to use. In fact, you can have multiple blogs within the same website. And you can manage blog users, which allows you to define people who can only update the blog but not the rest of the website, for example.

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