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GP8 Sportwater is an all-natural, additive-free, bottled water uniquely optimized to deliver advanced athletic hydration and fuel performance.

A website that reinforces the brand

Designed primarily for athletes, the GP8 Sportwater website had to reflect the dynamic and energetic nature of the product. So they consulted YWD and we recommended a strong monochromatic colour palette with the addition of the red, which dramatically reinforced their corporate brand.

From that premise they created a stunning design, but needed a platform able to implement it without creative compromises. A "canned" theme approach was immediately discarded, as it would be unacceptable to end up looling like thousands of other websites. Customizing a theme would have taken a long time and cost GP8 dearly. 

YWD: The most flexible website creation platform in the world

Using the myriad of options available in YWD Designer it was possible to match the layout in a fraction of the time – and cost – it would have taken a developer. And even GP8 decides to tweak or even revamp the look and feel in the future, that can be done effortlessly.

In addition, GP8 has as its disposal the friendliest CMS (Content Management System) in the world so they can edit content, create pages, manage users, etc. without programming.

The power of YWD tools

The GP8 website features several tools YWD clients love, including:

  • E-commerce: YWD includes a robust catalog/e-commerce system which supports PayPal and Moneris. It's integrated with social media so visitors can bookmark products using the services of their choice – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.
  • Content slider: Displays images and text content in a slideshow format. The slides can be easily created and ordered by the client at any time, and provide a dramatic effect without the need of Flash, thus making it compatible with iPads and other iOS devices.
  • Videos: YWD allows you to embed YouTube videos with just a few clicks.
  • Online forms: Automatically stored on the website’s own database, and the client is also notified whenever a form is submitted. The forms can be integrated with MailChimp for e-mail campaigns.

Many other tools are available in YWD – from social media to image galleries and much more – providing maximum flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

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