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The Design Toronto Exchange (DX) is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of design excellence and preservation of design heritage.

Establishing a visual nomenclature

The DX website has hundreds of pages ranging from exhibitions, events, their collection etc. to more static information such as its mandate, history, board of directors and membership. In order to solve the classic tension between form and function inherent to an information-intensive website, DX’s designer Lisa Zych came up with an interface that’s easy to navigate, while at the same time very appealing visually.

By having fun – in a “respectful” and elegant manner – with the DX logo throughout the various sections, the structure becomes organized. The grid is consistent but not excessively rigid, and the colour scheme is vivid and contemporary.

The days of resorting to silly Flash animation to create visual interest are long – and deservedly – gone. By playing with colour, balance, type and the other “weapons” present in a good designer’s arsenal, Lisa was able to create a website that’s modern, 100% search-engine friendly, extremely legible, clean and elegant.

Designer: would you rather design or code?

The entire DX website does not contain a single line of code that had to be entered by the client. Although Lisa does certainly know her HTML/CSS etc. it was not necessary for her to do programming. All the style results from settings entered in YWD Designer and dynamic components such as online forms were created and are maintained through YWD’s own CMS (Content Management System).

This gives designers, editors, stakeholders and ultimately business owners tremendous flexibility as they don’t have to rely on programmers or developers in order to build or update their websites.

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