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There when you need us

 January 22, 2014
by Paul Chato

Short post today, just to promote our new promotional video, “There when you need us.”

The reaction has been overwhelming so far. It only took 7 years to get to this point. And I guess that’s my point to all of you reading this post. We are often too concerned with getting it right, which is important so you’re not wasting time and money, that we forget that the most important thing you can do is have a deadline to evaluate if something is in fact working. 

If it is working, figure out how to make it better. If it’s not working, kill it. Too many companies are so darned happy to just have the damn marketing plan done and actually executed that they let the thing keep on going without further evaluation until it’s too late.

This campaign came from listening to our customers. They told us we were the ‘just right’ company. Not too small and not too big. We are the Momma Bear of webshops. We’re okay with that. And so we fashioned a video to encompass the image people have of us already. We thought that if that’s what attracted our existing customers to us then maybe the message will resonate out in the great mean world.

We’ll be evaluating the ‘There when you need us’ campaign on an ongoing basis. Thank you Google Analytics.

Paul Chato

Paul Chato has been many things: a graphic designer, programmer, comedian, head of network TV comedy, game producer, 3D animator, playwright, event host, director and anything else that matches his fancy. Most of the time he pulls the levers at




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