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How to moderate Facebook comments made to your blog posts

 October 25, 2013
by Flavio Mester

Facebook can be an important factor in driving traffic to your website. If your website contains a blog, you can use Facebook as the interface people will use to enter their own comments to your posts (Your Web Department also lets you use Disqus, as well as YWD’s own comments engine). However, sometimes people can enter spam or profanity there, which you’d like to remove for obvious reasons. But in order for you to be able to moderate the comments, Facebook needs to verify that you’re the person “in charge”.

The steps below explain how you can add Facebook comments to your YWD blog and also how to moderate the comments.

Obtaining the Facebook Application ID for your blog

This is required so Facebook can be used as the comments engine for your blog.

  • If a Facebook app does not already exist, create a Facebook Application ID using this URL:
  • * Note: If there is an existing FB app, do not delete the existing app. Edit the existing app.
  • Click "+ create new app" top right corner
  • Enter an app name. All other fields are optional and default values can be used.
  • Make a note of your FB app ID
  • Select "website with FB login" for the option how your app integrates with FB and enter your website URL – not the URL of the blog.

Obtaining your Facebook User ID

This is required so you can use Facebook's moderation tools for your blog

  • Get your user Facebook User ID  from or
  • Make a note of your Facebook User ID
  • * If you would like to add additional moderators, edit the settings for your app, Under Settings, select "Developer Roles", and add the Facebook ID(s) of additional admins.

Setting up the IDs in Your Web Department

This is required so your blog, part of a YWD website, can utilize the IDs

  • In the YWD back-end, go to Tools > Facebook App ID and enter the Facebook Application ID and the the Facebook user ID(s):

  • Select your blog in Tools > Blogs Manager > Blogs and make sure Facebook is selected for the "Comments engine to use" option.

Moderating the comments

You do that directly on Facebook

Flavio Mester

Flavio Mester is a graphic designer as well as a systems analyst (in a distant life he was an architect). A founding partner of Your Web Department, he's responsible for the design and development of all the YWD website management platform interfaces.
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